Wonders of Yener’s Pastillage Competition

Wonders of Yener’s Pastillage Competition

Fondbites Magazine is excited to present Wonders of Yener’s Pastillage competition!

Mesmerize us with any type of cake topper or centerpiece made with Yener’s Pastillage. The concept is this simple! You can order Yener’s pastillage from Sugarin using YP25 coupon code with 25% discount.

What is Pastillage?

Pastillage is a thick sugar paste, similar to gumpaste that can be molded into different shapes and forms. When dried, it is hard and brittle. Unlike gum paste, pastillage dries much quicker and stronger. 

What’s for the winners?

Top three winners will receive gift hampers FONDBITES SCHOOL OF SUGAR ART and our contest sponsors.

Outstanding entries will receive a merit certificate.

Top three winners and outstanding entries will be featured in future issue of Fondbites Magazine.

Submission Guidelines

Participants are required to submit 3 high resolution photographs of the final creation (front view, side view and a beauty shot), one picture with Yener’s Pastillage clearly visible along with your creation, one video around the competition piece and work in progress pictures. The photographs should not contain any logo or watermark. Please send your entries to [email protected] before 30th October 2020 11:00 PM IST

Please include a small write-up of about 100 words about your competition entry. You are also required to send an introduction of yourself and a head shot of yourself.

You are allowed to submit more than one entry, but remember to send separate mails with all the details for each of the entry.

Here is a checklist of what you need to submit

  • 3 high resolution photographs of competition entry in background of your choice (front view, side view and a close-up shot)
  • 1 picture of the competition entry with Yener’s Pastillage clearly visible with the package
  • 1 video of the completed competition piece showing all sides of it
  • 2 pictures at different stages through the progress of the creation
  • A short write-up of the competition entry
  • A short bio of yourself and headshot picture

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged by the panel of judges on following criteria:

  • ARTISTRY: Here judges will evaluate the artistic finishing, attention to details and harmony of the colours.
  • TECHNICS: Here judges will evaluate range of techniques used and skills demonstrated. Let pastillage be the hero of your piece.
  • COMPOSITION: Here judges will evaluate the idea, overall appearance and good silhouette.
  • EFFORT: Here the piece will be evaluated against the degree of difficulties and special effect.

Where to buy Yener’s Pastillage

You can buy Yener’s Pastillage from https://yenerspastillage.com/products.

Here is a coupon code for you to avail discount when you purchase Yener’s Pastillage. Use coupon code YP25 to avail 25% discount.

General rules

  • Competition is open only in India.
  • There is no size restriction for your competition entry.
  • You can submit more than one entry.
  • The competition piece can be a decorative exhibit made with pastillage, wedding cake with pastillage topper, celebration cake with pastillage topper or a stand alone pastillage topper.
  • Cake dummies and floral wires are allowed to be used. However it has to be covered in edible medium.
  • You must not share your competition entry on any social media platform before the results are announced. If any such instances are found, entry will be disqualified.
  • Competition entries must be made by you.
  • Judging will be done by a panel. Their decision of winners will be final.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What item can I submit for the competition? Any item. The aim of this competition is to increase awareness about pastillage. Any kind of entry is well come as long as the pastillage is the hero. There is no restriction on percentage of pastillage usage, but pastillage must be outstanding.
  • Is there any size restriction? No, there is no size restriction.
  • Can I use pastillage with cake? Yes, you can.  Main difference of pastillage from other pastes is the rigidness after drying time. This particular characteristic of the pastillage opens another dimension of possibilities. Pastillage decorations can stand alone and gives cake decorators ability to achieve thinner, higher and stronger toppers to decorate cakes. As an example, a pastillage chapel on a wedding cake. Very large pastillage leave attached to a large pastillage flower. Pastillage bamboo sticks in size of pencil thickness. A floating pastillage scroll around the cake.
  • What are pastillage centre pieces? Pastillage table centre pieces can be presented without the cake. They will be accepted and be judged the same way as a cake with a topper. Pastillage is a very reliable medium to create centre pieces with floating extensions like the main of the horse in the wind. A vase with delicate handles. Possibilities limited to your imagination.
  • Can I used dummy or other non-edible materials to create structure? Any support internal and not visible to the eye is accepted, but it has to be hidden with edible material with logical purpose. If it is a wall, no need support. An excessive amount of non-food usage will be not favourable.

We are excited to see your creations. Be creative, go crazy and let your imagination flow!!!

Here are some inspirations for you. For more inspiration check out https://yenerspastillage.com/gallery & https://fondbitesmagazine.com/pastillage-inspiration/

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