Autumn Lantern

Autumn Lantern

A lantern sets a perfect ambiance in this cozy time of the year, complementing the feel and the stunning warm colours that fall brings us. For this beautiful creation, Nivitha drew inspiration from an antique lantern that her grandfather used to light up when she was little. The soft, warm light of that lantern dancing in the darkness, nestled in the little girl’s heart. Here is her attempt of recreating the same magic in the form of a cake.

Meet the Artist

Artist’s Name: Nivitha Ambika

Brand Name: Nivi Bakes

Nivitha Ambika of Nivi Bakes is a great cake artist whose curiosity and intent to experiment led her into baking a few years ago, which soon turned into a cherished passion. Apart from baking, she is intrigued by different cultures and their histories.


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Learn how to make this pastillage lantern in October 2020 Volume 2 Issue3 .

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