December 2019 Volume 1 Issue4


  • Santa Claus Face Modeling: Learn to make realistic features for Santa Claus with step by step tutorial
  • Sculpture Painting: Learn the knack behind making sculpture painting
  • Creating a Wintry Delight: Learn to create different components to depict winter using different techniques and mediums.
  • Marzipan fruit cake: Learn to make a marzipan fruit cake with marzipan fruits
  • Sculpting a Winter Fairy: Detailed tutorial on sculpting a showstopper winter fairy and facial features
  • Building a Gingerbread Castle: Learn to bake, construct and decorate a show-stopping gingerbread castle
  • Designing a Mini Santa Cake: Learn to make a cute little Santa cake
  • Bas-relief Santa: Learn to create a knitted winter cap
  • Knitting a Winter Cap: Learn the use of bas relief technique to make Santa face


  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies: Recipe for a chewy, moist and decadent red velvet brownies topped with cheesecake filling
  • Divinity Candy: Recipe for a classic meringue based confection
  • Christmas Fruit Pies: Celebrate this holiday season with soft bread cookies filled with fruit mince
  • Gingerbread Man Cookies: Bake these classic gingerbread man cookies

Expert Talk

  • Traditional Christmas Baking: Learn a long held family recipe
  • Bake Sale: Tips and tricks on how to execute a successful bake sale
  • Shooting Stunning Photographs: Learn various elements to a great photograph


  • Sri Lanka Cake Convention 2019
  • Contest Winners
  • Mood Board Contest